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7 things men find unattractive about women

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Admin Post 7 things men find unattractive about women

Post by lilstupida on Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:36 am

i read this article on Yahoo and just wanna share with you guys

7 Things men find unattractive about women

Too much makeup, talking about bodily functions, and
belittling the opposite sex are just a few of the female
habits that men find unattractive about women. We know
that not all women are like this, but when we meet them,
boy do we know about it. Here are seven things men find
unattractive in a woman:
Unattractive female habit

1: Being too drunk
We all love a girl who knows how to have a good time but
when she’s had such a good time that she’s slumped over
a bar with her knickers tucked into her skirt and toilet
paper trailing from her shoe, it’s not attractive and it
doesn’t make us want to walk over and kiss you in a
“hands off folks – she’s mine” kind of manner. You ladies
also have the tendency to speak so loud that you drown
the music out in a loud bar when you’re drunk. There’s
nothing wrong with getting merry, but when everyone
starts looking at us because we’re with “that drunk
woman” who is putting her skirt over her head and
laughing hysterically, it’s embarrassing.

2: Talking about bodily functions
Yes, we know we agreed not to keep secrets from each
other but can we skip that rule on this occasion? The day
we realised that women do ‘number twos’ was the day our
world came crashing down, bringing all our sexual
fantasies down with it. When you’re spending a long time
in the bathroom, we like to think that it’s because you’re
refreshing your makeup and hair. We could possibly –
emphasis on the word “possibly” – stretch our
imagination to think that you may be going for a tinkle, but
we’d rather not. Please don’t talk about any of your bodily
functions; leave topics about “the time of the month” and
your bowel movements for your girl friends.

3: Excessive body hair
We associate body hair with testosterone and testicles so
seeing it in excessive amounts on a woman can be quite a
turn off. We know it’s painful to go through the rigmarole
of waxing, plucking, epilating, and whatever other fancy
hair removal systems you use
(notice how we know all
about this stuff because it’s one of those things you nag
about?) but at least keep it trimmed so it looks

4: Too much makeup
It’s great to take pride in your appearance and that goes
for clothes, hair, and makeup too. If this is a first date,
wearing minimal makeup to enhance your looks is sexier
than the overdone look, in our opinion. If we’ve been
together for a while, we love you no matter how much
makeup you wear, but we’d prefer it if you kept it to a
minimum. Purple, pink and green eye shadow with red
lips? Someone pass my sunglasses. We go in for a kiss
and end up looking like a clown from the circus and it isn’t
a good look for either of us. Ladies, if you insist on
wearing that much makeup, please refrain from snuggling
up on our shoulders – that’s my favourite white shirt you
just stained with your makeup.

5: Belittling us
We can just about cope with being called “snuggle bunny”
and “baby boy” but when you belittle us to the point that
we look stupid in front of other people, that’s one step too
far. Don’t correct everything we do and say as if we don’t
know anything. Just because we do things differently to
you, that doesn’t mean that your way is right.

6: Swearing
We can forgive you the odd cheeky swear word, but when
you’re effing and jeffing like there’s no tomorrow it can be
a real turn-off for some men. We like our ladies with a
touch of class and cramming your vocabulary with swear
words doesn’t quite ooze sophistication. What’s wrong
with using normal words to express your feelings?
Dictionaries and thesauruses are brimming with options –
take your pick. We’re not suggesting that you express your
feelings using sentences such as “I am feeling ever so
disenchanted” or “I’m awfully embittered by this” but
saying something along the lines of “I am flipping angry”
or “this is blimming frustrating” are much nicer
replacements for sentences packed with foul words.

7: Nagging
We’ve spent long enough silently moaning to ourselves
about how annoying women are when they nag, that we’re
taking this opportunity to get it off our chests once and for
all. We can’t usually raise it in conversation you see,
because no matter how delicately we approach the idea
that you might possibly annoy us when you nag, we will
be sentencing ourselves to even more endless nagging
about pointing out that your nagging is getting too much.
You nag at us for leaving the toilet seat up, you nag at us
for “not caring”, you nag at us for not shaving for a few
days... sheesh. Would you prefer us to go to the toilet
sitting down? Would you prefer us to be over emotional?
And perfectly groomed? Then you’d nag at us for not
being manly enough. Three words: we can’t win. Don’t
mess with how nature intended men to be, and we won’t
mess with how nature intended you to be. If you can’t
handle that, then maybe you should be dating women.
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