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How Boys Feel When They're Inlove

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Admin Post How Boys Feel When They're Inlove

Post by princeterror on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:25 am

Read carefully

*We, boys, don’t get butterflies, we get fireworks.

*We don’t have you on our mind24x7, but we do have you in our hearts.

*Often,yes, we wait for you to go online, sometimes simply even just being online makes our heart skip a beat, even if we don’t talk.

*When ever you talk to us, our face forms that half-smile. It means we are happy but we are trying our hardest to not show it, but we fail to hide it.

*We do miss you all the time, we’d spend all our time with you if possible.

*We don’t think of the smallest things you say, we think of every word you say, panicking at every single word, trying to define what it really means, to read between the lines.

But wait there's more

*We would love you in a million ways And once we start loving you, there is no going back for us. No matter how hard we try, we will always love a girl that has touched us.

*We, boys, when in love will think of that girl first thing in the morning and last before we sleep at night.

*Whenever we see a couple, our thoughts immediately jump to that girl,and imagine that the couple was us.

*Every single detail about her is loved. The way she walks, talks, speaks, the sound of her voice, her laughter, the sparkle in her eyes, her shy smile. The way she dresses.

*That cute face she makes when she’s asleep. And the way she says our name that our hearts just explode, a simple act that no one else can replicate.

*A boy in love with a girl is no simple thing, though ladies stereotype us guys as simple.

*A man in love is simple??? No. He will be unpredictable. He will be persistent,stub born,
and given the circumstances, if it means carrying you from
one side of the world to the other to win your heart, a
man in love would.

*He will show you how to
appreciate the beauty of the
world in a thousand ways, and then he will tell you how much he appreciated your beauty in a million ways.

LITERALLYY in simple words
they give their HEART to u
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