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Where did the word cyber come from ?

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Admin Post Where did the word cyber come from ?

Post by yenjaca on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:53 am

It is originally from the
Greek but moved into contemporary usage back in 1948.
"Cyber" is a prefix used to
describe a person, thing, or idea
as part of the computer and
information age. Taken from
kybernetes, Greek for
"steersman" or "governor," it was first used in cybernetics, a
word coined by Norbert Wiener
and his colleagues. Common
usages include cyberculture,
cyberpunk, and cyberspace. .
Cybernetics is a word coined by
group of scientists led by
Norbert Wiener and made
popular by Wiener's book of
1948, Cybernetics or Control and
Communication in the Animal and the Machine. Based on the Greek
"kybernetes," meaning
steersman or governor,
cybernetics is the science or
study of control or regulation
mechanisms in human and machine systems, including
Cyberpunk is a sensibility or
belief that a few outsiders,
armed with their own
individuality and technological
capability, can fend off the
tendencies of traditional institutions to use technology to
control society.
The term, combining "cyber" and punk, possibly originated in 1980 with
Bruce Bethke's short story,
"Cyberpunk." An editor of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine,
Gardner Dozois, is credited with
associating the word with a
literary movement that includes
the science fiction of William
Gibson and Neal Stephenson.
The alt.cyberpunk.FAQ lists
several categories of groups
associated with cyberpunk:
[RIGHT] - hacker, who represent the best kind of cyberpunk
- cracker, who attempt to break into computer systems
- phreak, who attempt to break into telephone systems
- Cypher-punks, who attempt
to break codes and foil
security systems
Additional groups include
"transhumans," who attempt to
exploit technology to increase
life expectancy and human
potential and "extropians," a
kind of libertarian group that believes in something called
"spontaneous order."
The writer of the alt.cyberpunk.FAQ
indicates that some people
believe cyberpunk to be
(intrinsically) undefinable and that anyone claiming to be a
"cyberpunk" will likely be laughed
off their Usenet newsgroup.
Cyberspace is the total
interconnectedness of human
beings through computers and
telecommunication without
regard to physical geography.
William Gibson is sometimes
credited with inventing or
popularizing the term by using it
in his novel of 1984, Neuromancer.

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