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Poem sang ex ko

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Post by darkelf on Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:06 am

Just to share, this was written by my ex-bf to me, we broke up 6 years ago, he was my first love then and i was her first girl...

Last night, I wandered lost in darkness
Of a disturbed heart seeing you in
White veil while walking between
The torched trees bearing
A gift nestled in silk.
Your hair sways past the white wedding gown sweeps up the broken leaves.
Where are your hands?
If I lift up your skirt, I know
I’ll find an anklet upon your feet
Whose name was engraved not mine
I fight the urge to restrain your left hand
To wear the ring that’s my name can’t be found
The tintinnabulation of the church bells
Starts to hurt my ears
For I can’t take I’m three years late
Is it I to blame or my lame pen
Who refuse to write you a poem?
You’re only steps away from him
And I start to wonder if I could change destiny
What if I restrained your left hand?
And put the ring with my name on it
Will my white rose forgive me for leaving her to abroad?
Will she live life with me and bear me kids and live by the shore?
And share time until our hair turns to gray while watching the sun sets?
It’s quarter past nine and yet the words are not mine to grasp
And to utter that I still want her back but the nightmarish words is yet to be said
“Yes I do”…..
I saw your eyes with the urge for revenge but your sweet gentle voice
Started to silence this world upon saying “Yes I do”
Like a thin air I swayed from this ethereal world I created in my dreams
Blaming my lame pen and those poetic words for being three years late
Looking beneath the blurry sky
I can see the shaven moon, the trees bare hands and the forlorn star mourning with me
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