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Broken Fairytale

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Post by darkelf on Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:09 am

As the world around me crumbles like the great Babylon
I watch your dark figure looming in the distance
Slowly moving closer
As if each time your foot rises and falls
An eternity passes
And I long to run to you
To reach out and feel that you are real
But I am cemented in place
So I call out to you
Begging you to take me away from this awful place
To save me from my tower of pain and misery
Like a knight in some fairy tale
Yet you do not hear my pleas
You never have
One single pearly tear falls
Staining my face
Another eternity passes
I can see your eyes now
So cold, So bitter
As you stare at me with those heartless eyes
My heart sinks
And I realize you weren't sent to save me
But condemn me
Again I try to move
To avoid that which there is no escape
Another eternity
You're closer now
Close enough that I can see the smile etched on your face
The hunger in your eyes clearer now
And I must now face that which I fear most
That which my entire life has been leading up to
I must face death
But I cant do it alone.
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