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Root Beer Float (non-alcoholic)

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Admin Post Root Beer Float (non-alcoholic)

Post by princeterror on Sat Jan 05, 2013 3:39 am

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Who doesn't love a good, old-fashioned Root Beer Float? It is one of those drinks that you could get at the soda fountain on Main Street or Mom would mix up on summer, Saturday afternoons - it is possibly the first mixed drink any of us had. In its simplicity the Root Beer Float is a genius of a drink.
Also called a Brown Cow or Chocolate Cow (with chocolate ice cream), the story of the Root Beer Float (supposedly) started in 1893 at Cripple Creek, Colorado. There, one Frank J. Wisner was inspired to create a special drink for the kids of the town using the root beer from his line of sodas.

vanilla ice cream
root beer

Place the ice cream in a tall glass, beer mug or ice cream soda glass.
Top with root beer.

You will notice that I don't give amounts for the ingredients. That is because I am a firm believer that a Root Beer Float should be customized to individual tastes. If you like more ice cream, fill up the glass: if you like a lot of root beer, start with less ice cream.
Placing the ice cream in the glass first is crucial as the root beer will likely overflow and create quite a mess.
Pour the root beer slowly over the ice cream as the combination of the two will create a very tall foam head, which is desired but can get out of control easily.
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