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Stage of Love and Relationship

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Admin Post Stage of Love and Relationship

Post by princeterror on Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:00 pm


- ang love , ito ang pinakamahirap na bagay na mai-explain ng isang mankind. probably me as a lover di ko din ito kayang iexplain and i dont know why, basta ang alam ko mahal na mahal ko ang bf ko ngayon

as centuries passby, more relationship had bloomed and no one can give its exact/proper meaning. practically speaking Love (eros love) occur between 2 individuals, these should be man and woman. Love binds them together in a unified link of trust, interdependence and as well as intimacy. Love's depth cannot be measured just like the love of God to us. He loves us unconditionally and no one can measure it. Love should be experienced and not only to just felt.

some says love is a friendship set on fire and for others, love is meaningless because for/maybe there has been an instances of hatred and bitterness among their past relationship.

* the strength of relation depends on the affection of both parties.



- it is the first stage of love. it creates strong physical attraction and sets the stage for emotional attachment. In this stage of love, you're immersed in intense pleasurable sensations. Your lover is perfect, ideal, made for you. In this stage of love, you feel exhilarated and even "high" (similar to the feeling you get after you eat really good chocolate or have a great workout) and you feel infatuated.


- physical attraction and power struggles make up the second stage of love (the"lovesick" phase). you may lose your appetite, need less sleep, and daydream about your lover on the bus, during meetings, in the shower etc. In this stage of love, you're also trying to shape your lover into your ideal partner – which is where the power struggles come in. you're becoming more realistic, and you two may fight about things like whether or not to buy organic food or listen to country music etc. The infatuation is wearing off, a strong emotional attachment

begins to set in.


- is the third stage of involves commitment,

partnership (and even children). In this stage of love, you're aware of both positive and negative traits in your partner, and you've decided you want to build a life together. Confrontation is most likely to occur though if you're authentic and honest, it'll also happen in the second stage of love. You and your partner will either work towards a healthy loving relationship or decide to call it quits.
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Admin Post Re: Stage of Love and Relationship

Post by princeterror on Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:01 pm

7 Tips for All 3 Stages of


1. Focus on the things
you can control: your attitude, your behavior,
your words, and your
energy. If you want
somehing to change in
any stage of a loving
relationship, make it your own traits or actions – not
your partner's.

2. Learn healthy ways to
express your disappointment, anger, or
frustration. Be honest and
authentic, and kind and
loving in all stages of

3. Remember the first
stage of love! Recall your feelings of lust,
attraction, and desire for
your partner. Think about
the traits that you were
attracted to, and let those
old feelings come to life again.

4. Appreciate your
partner's good
qualities ; be grateful for the life you share.
Gratitude can enhance all
stages of relationships.

5. Focus on emotional
intimacy in all three stages of love. Be
vulnerable to have a
healthy love life.

6. Own your feelings . Your partner can't "make"
you feel stupid or
worthless. If you feel
unfulfilled or sad about
your life, look at your
own dreams and goals. Are you pursuing the life
you were meant to live?
Are you following your
heart? Develop your
personality, mind, and
spirit. Figure out what will make you happy in
this stage of love, and
start creating the life you
were meant to live.

7. Consider counseling in
any stage of love. If you've lost that loving
feeling, it could be an
individual thing that you
need to deal with or a
couples' issue that you
should tackle together. An objective point of view,
from a therapist, pastor,
or friend you trust, is
incredibly helpful in all
stages of relationships.
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