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Basic For Programming

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Admin Post Basic For Programming

Post by mitha on Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:38 pm

Basic For Programming

a "Variable" is a word or abbreviation that contains a value
a "statement" is a line of code that performs a command
a "constant" is like a variable except the value cannot change
an "array" is like a variable only holding many values instead of one(like a database)
a "declaration" is the act of declaring something
an "expression" is a statement that performs a calculation or results in a value
an "operator" is what is used to perform an expression
"truncation" is the result of rounding off the fractional part of a number
"demotion" occurs when reducing the size of a value
"promotion" is the exact opposite as demotion
a "comment" is a way to make notes in your code, and to instruct the parsing engine to ignore these lines
"branch" is know as an if or if/else statement
the "break" statement tells the code to exit the loop
a "loop" is a way to repeat code which are known to be while, do...while, for, and foreach
a "function" is a block of code that can be called at any point in the script
"scope" more or less refers to what can be accessed and where
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